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Tennis Racquet Chat Boards: The Inside Scoop

NEW YORK, October 25, 2012 — What’s being said about Donnay arm safe performance? We tuned in to some tennis chat boards recently to find out what fans were talking about. Here’s what we discovered was up for discussion:

About our tennis racquet frames…

• “The XeneCore technology makes the frame solid. A solid frame will feel different than a hollow frame. I find the Donnay frames to be some of the most stable and comfortable frames I have ever hit with.”

• “Just popped off the butt cap to install the +5g butt cap and saw that the handle is completely filled with foam. It's a nice touch that makes the racquet feel more solid. An entire racquet is filled with foam.”

• “Felt so comfortable with my demo, I actually scooped my first delivery right off the front porch on the way to a team match, hit with it during warm ups, and left my regular sticks in the bag.”

• “The frames are literally solid and filled with some kind of material and you don't get a hint of hollow-ness.”

About the vibration elimination our tennis racquets provide…

• “The [Donnay] dual cores are very muted. They transmit only a fraction of the vibrations that hollow racquets do.”

• “The solid core construction reduces vibration and harsh feeling of poly [strings] really well. Feel like I’m hitting the ball with a pillow.”

• “Vibration is really eliminated.”

About what Donnay tennis safety focus addresses…

• “Donnay is the best for arm issues.”

• “I gotta say my arm rarely hurts with my Donnay. I had been prone to arm problems with previous frames like Head and Babolat.”

• “Even with the poly [strings], it is still a comfy stick.”

• “Donnay with nat gut strings. We will never get a sore elbow again (it works for me).”

• “Very, very, comfortable. If you train and play proper 3 set matches 12-15 hours a week, you need to look after your arm.”

• “Gives you the power of a 70 stiffness racquet, but is much easier on the arm.”

Keep the Donnay Tennis Racquet Discussion on the Table

Do you have some thoughts you’d like to share regarding your Donnay arm safe performance experience? We’d like to hear them! Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter to continue this open racquet discussion.

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