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In consideration for receiving products or discounts from DONNAY, the Player(s) will at all times, when playing, training or practicing tennis, whether in public or private, exclusively use DONNAY tennis rackets. The Player will not use tennis equipment of another brand which is a competitor of Donnay FOR A PERIOD OF 2 YEARS.

The company shall provide the player with a stencil and such other materials as may be necessary to enable the company's "D" logo to be stenciled onto the strings of the Player's tennis racquet to be used when he/she is competing, practicing, or playing in tennis related activities.
The Player agrees to grant to Donnay the right to use his/her name and image (in all for advertising and marketing purposes in connection with the promotion of the sales of Donnay products.

The Player shall give to Donnay the first option to renew this Agreement, and a right to match any offers made to the Player by third parties. The Player must inform Donnay of any such offers.

Any equipment supplied directly under this Agreement is strictly NOT FOR RESALE


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