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    Tennis Safety Survey Says...All Pain, No Gain  
    NEW YORK, October 25, 2012 — Twenty-three out of 32 recreational players we spoke with at the recent New Haven, CT tournament told us they either are currently suffering with arm pain or have had a bout of tennis elbow or shoulder pain in the last five years. That’s a staggering 72 percent.....  
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    Tennis Racquet Chat Boards: The Inside Scoop  
    NEW YORK, October 25, 2012 — What’s being said about Donnay arm safe performance? We tuned in to some tennis chat boards recently to find out what fans were talking about. Here’s what we discovered was up for discussion.....  
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    Andreev 'Shoulders' Part of the Blame for Russia's Davis Cup Loss  
    NEW YORK, October 5, 2012 — A recurring shoulder injury that forced Igor Andreev to retire from his opening round Davis Cup match against Brazil.....  
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    What Do We Mean By 'Engineered for Arm Safe Performance?'  
    NEW YORK, September 14, 2012 — Delivering arm-safe performance to recreational and tour players is what defines Donnay and separates us from our competition.....  
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