About Dual-Core
About XēneCore™
  The second generation of Donnay’s revolutionary technology is here - The Future of Tennis in the new X-Dual racquet line - X-Dual Silver, Gold and Platinum models, and the X-P Dual and X-P Dual Lite frames. And recently introducing the Pro One and Formula racquet lines.

All have Donnay’s patent-pending and high-tensile-strength XēneCore™ material that was introduced in the original Donnay X-Series. But the Dual-Core racquets have second layer of XēneCore™ tubing on the inside of the hoop that further fortifies the frame and eliminates the loss of energy on ball contact.

Since more energy is retained on the strings it provides an additional boost of power, comfort, control and stability, while maintaining X-Series’ ease-of-swing, the result of thin-beam engineering and design.

With our new X-Dual, Pro One and Formula lines, we now offer players two distinctive choices: X-Dual racquet line for more pace and depth from the baseline for players with medium-to-fast swings; and Pro One and Formula lines for ultimate power for players with short-to-medium swings.

Experience The Future of Tennis.

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